2018 Mercedes-Benz GLS450

  • 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLS450

    Mercedes-Benz GLS450
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    • RDK(Tire Pressure Monitor (TPM/RDK)) U116400 Communication with the component 'A69/4 (Right rear tire pressure sensor)' is faulty. Stored SAM(Signal Acquisition and Actuation Module) P25567B The coolant level sensor is faulty. The fluid level is too low. Stored MRM166(Steering Column Module) B233000 The high beams switch is faulty. Stored SVS(360° camera) B1FBD54 Control module for 360° camera is faulty. Calibration is absent. Current and Stored B1FC104 The 360° camera in the right exterior mirror is faulty. An internal fault exists. Current and Stored KLA(Air Conditioning) 912749 The Air Quality Sensor (AQS) is faulty. An internal electrical fault exists. Current and Stored HVACR(Rear control panel) B11F471 Button for shut-off of the rear automatic climate control is faulty. The actuator is blocked. Stored COMAND(COMAND Online) B156A00 The connection with the control module for telematics services cannot be established. Stored ZBE205(Audio/COMA ND operating unit) B15062A The Audio/COMAND controller is faulty. No signal change exists. Stored
    • ENGINE – Flush
    • LOWER OIL PAN GASKET – Remove & Replace
    • ENGINE OIL FILTER – Remove & Replace
    • LOWER RADIATOR HOSE – Remove & Replace – Both
    • RADIATOR RESERVE TANK – Remove & Replace
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