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2012 BMW X3


Service Date
Services Performed
  • (Combination) ENGINE OIL – Drain & Refill
  • (Combination) IGNITION COIL – Remove & Replace – 28i – All
  • ENGINE – Flush
  • ENGINE OIL FILTER – Remove & Replace
  • SPARK PLUGS – Remove & Replace – 28i
  • DME (Engine-Digital Motor Electronics) 140601 Cylinder 6 misfire: injection cutout Intermittent ABS-DSC (ABSDynamic Stability Control) 4809AB Dynamic Stability Control (DSC): undervoltage in vehicle Intermittent CAS (Car Access System) 93076A Deactivation of terminal 15: upper startability limit reached, but deactivation preventer active Intermittent 93076B Deactivation of terminal 30B: upper startability limit reached Intermittent 93076C Deactivation of terminal 30B: upper startability limit reached, but deactivation preventer or legal load/consumer active Intermittent 9308B0 Identification transmitter: undervoltage, battery Intermittent TRSVC (All Round View Camera) CA8C00 LIN bus: right top view camera not responding Intermittent CA8C01 LIN bus: left top view camera not responding Intermittent CA8C04 LIN bus: rearview camera not responding Intermittent 800BAA TRSVC (All Round View Camera): CVBS (color video blanking signal) output circuit open or not connected Intermittent ZGM (Central Gateway Module) CD1400 Message (vehicle condition) error, receiver ZGM, transmitter FEM-ZGM/JBE/CAS/DME Intermittent ICM (Integrated Chassis Management) D01677 XXXXXX signal (wheel torque of drive 5, 40.3.4) invalid, transmitter DME/DDE Intermittent FZD (Roof Function Center) 801A4C SINE: undervoltage detected in internal voltage supply Permanent FLA (High Beam Assist) 800605 FLA (High Beam Assistant): temperature above the operating range Intermittent CBX-ECALL (Combox Emergency Call) B7F321 CBX-ECALL: software reset Intermittent PDC (Park Distance Control) 803282 Rear view unavailable Intermittent FRM (Footwell Module) 800E89 FRM (Footwell Module): startability limit reached with lights active during stationary operation Intermittent 800FCB Left headlamp Driver Module (TMS) reporting fault Intermittent 800F7B Right reversing lamp faulty Intermittent CID (Central Information Display) 800352 Central Information Display (CID) video connection: Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) signal faulty Intermittent IHKA (Integrated Automatic Heating And A/C System) E71442 Interface instrument cluster (distance traveled in kilometers): signal invalid Intermittent 8011A0 Heating and A/C system: blower output reduced by power management Intermittent
  • Includes: Clean Fuel Rail, Injectors, Intake Valve (where applicable) & Test Drive
  • Includes: Clean Intake Manifold & Test Drive
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